Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Love List

1. I first found Scott Dinsmore's TED Talk through an article highlighting the 5 TED Talks you must see in your lifetime. I was so struck by it, I signed up for Live Your Legend and started reading the blog. I was shocked to learn he passed away while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro during a trip around the world with his wife. It's a tragedy to lose his light but his teachings remain and should be an inspiration for all of us. Whether you've seen Scott's TED talk or not, I encourage you to watch/re-watch and spread the inspiration. (TED)

2. H&M premiered a new ad campaign for its clothes recycling initiative (Close the Loop) and it is one of the most diverse campaigns I've ever seen. It's beautiful!! Check it out here and make sure to recycle your unwanted clothes as you cleaning out your closet in preparation for fall. (H&M)

3. I love the strength behind Sonali Khatun's story and fully support MBBCDS's work to end child marriage and empower marginalized women and girls. (Refinery 29/Grassroots Girls Initiative)

4. I love the beautiful geometric appeal of the Bao Bao bag by Issey Miyake and its back in metallics and jewel tones. (Issey Miyake)

5. Do you remember paper dolls? I was obsessed with them and all of their little paper fashions. Dior is revamping that childhood love with new beauty sticker books for adults. (The Cut)

6. When I was younger, I loved X-Men for the cool, powerful female characters. I don't get into it much anymore but an art series by Chris Panda has rekindled my love in a different way. Mixing power and fashion? I'm all for it. Check out Chris Panda's X-Women Fashion Serie here. (Chris Panda Tumblr)

7. Google is collecting donations to help with the refugee and migrant crisis and they are matching what people give up to €10 million. The funds will go to Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and UN High Commissioner for Refugees. (Google)

8. I first found Postsecret when I was still in law school. I was stressed and going through a lot and reading the post cards gave me a sense of calm. I've supported the project since then and consider it amazing that what was a small project became a huge life saving tool in so many lives. (Postsecret)

9. Ash and I love to drive around looking at beautiful homes and dreaming of our own "perfect" house. This collection of the Prettiest Homes in America takes that dreaming to a new level. I've been to some of them and would like the opportunity to visit each one on the list. (PureWow)

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