About Me

Hi! I'm Nicole and if you clicked the "About" link, I suppose you're looking for more information about me. I won't take you through the history of my life (though you can feel free to ask questions). Instead, I'll take you through the history of this little blog of mine and our journey to the present.

In 2004, I met the love of my life (you'll see him referred to on the blog as Ash).

In 2005, our lives were shaken up when I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. Needing an outlet for my frustration, I began writing about my journey through illness and eventually my stories created my first blog (here). But I got better and life got busy. I was knee deep in the muck of proving myself in corporate America and began to neglect that little corner of the web. In 2008, Ash and I got married (CHEERS!!) in downtown NYC and immediately ran off to a dream honeymoon in Africa.

Life was going pretty well until I returned to my job. I hadn't been happy there for years but I worked myself into the ground anyway. Then, one day, the economy tanked and with it, my job.  I wallowed in self pity for a bit and then decided to start writing again. That is how Nicole's Curated Life was born. (At the time, it was called Nik's Cocoon because I felt like I was retreating and re-emerging as a better me.) Though it started with a philosophical look at life's changes, it has morphed into a lifestyle blog focused on the things that mean the most to me as I work towards living a fulfilled, healthy life.

Whether through inspirational quotes, recipes, music or fitness and beauty tips, my goal is always to encourage you to embrace everything in your story and use what you’ve collected (tangible and intangible) as tools for living an awesome life...and to ultimately remind myself to continue doing the same. 

p/s Ash and I don't have children (yet) but we do have fur babies (Lola and Storm). You will see plenty of mentions about them here and on Instagram. I also have great friends and family who sometimes share their journeys as well (Weekly Weigh In with Robyn). 

p/p/s I really just couldn't resist sharing pictures of the fur babies. ;-)


Vj said...

This is really great Nicole and I'm inspired. I have lupus also. I want to start a blog an create a webpage can you give me some tips? One again your blog is so special and truly helps me daily

A Curated Life said...

Hi VJ. It's nice to meet another person in the fight against lupus! I actually started my first blog for that very reason. I needed an outlet to talk about my experience with the disease. The blog is still up but most of my time has been devoted to Nicole's Curated Life these days. I'm happy to give you as many tips as I can about creating a site, though I really just learn as I go along. The first thing I'd suggest is picking and buying a domain name. Then, use whatever blog support site you feel most comfortable with (wordpress, blogger, etc.). Most sites make it really easy to set up and post. Photos are also pretty easy to add and if you have trouble, trust me, there are a million YouTube tutorials. I've certainly used my fair share. At the end of the day, you just have to want to put yourself out there to help and inspire others. You end up helping yourself in the long run by having a space to be truly YOU! Feel free to e-mail me at so we can chat more. Good luck!!